Charkula Arts Academy (Singapore) is a leading organization, entrenched in the field of entertainment, precisely into the following areas:

  • Events with Bollywood Celebrities
  • Corporate Events
  • Theme Events
  • Folk Dances of India
  • Provide Local & Indian Artists/Groups to our Clients
  • Inter-Community Programs
  • Hasya Kavi Sammelan / Laughter Shows
  • Customized Events as per Client requirements
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Rangoli Powder Arts

Event Design

Charkula Arts Academy will design & conceptualize its own events and can provide same service for clients and partners who have passion and require our expertise

Event Management

From design, concept making to execution, Charkula Arts Academy will manage events for client & Partners.


  • Artist Co-ordinations from South East Asian countries (India, Pakistan, Singapore)
  • Concerts
  • Live Performances
  • Hasya Kavi Sammelan & Laughter shows

We consistently deliver customized, cost-effective and long-term solutions to exceed our customer’s benchmarks of excellence. We integrate our best possible resources under one roof with careful planning, attention to detail and anticipate changing requirements to successfully hold the logistics of any event

The organization acts as bridge between client and folk artists

  • Folk musicians play percussion instruments, harmonium, flutes of many kinds etc
  • Folk dances from all over India
  • Acrobats perform styles from Rajasthan and Maharashtra
  • Rajasthani style puppeteering and Indian shadow puppet play
  • Traditional Indian and contemporary magic shows
  • Fire eating and other yogic skills
  • The organization can also organise folk artists with many other types of skills such as: Jugglers, Painters, Mirror Work Wall designers, Henna Body Painters, Actors, Impersonators, Comedians

Hiring Indian Folk Artists

The organization acts as a voluntary agency promoting Indian folk artists. The organization offers to contact the artists, helps them to choreograph a performance, and monitors communications with interested parties. Single artists or groups of artists are available in accordance with the needs of the people who wish to hire them.Rates of payment for the artists: rates can be negotiated with the help of the organization . The level of the rates of payment depends on the location, number of artists, their type and level of skills

The folk artists can carry out:

  • Traditional folk performances
  • Fusion performances of traditional and contemporary Indian styles
  • Fusion performances with artists from other countries
  • Product promotion work through song, dance, puppet and magic shows
  • Crafts making demonstrations
  • Fund raisers for donor agencies
  • Programs to increase awareness of: TB and/or AIDS prevention and treatment; the importance of immunisation; alcohol and drug abuse; promotion of literacy campaigns; community unity